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All of us were in our early thirties with no kids and just enjoying life. In 2013, all of that changed for the better. One after the other, we all became dads. The biggest question we has, along with many other dads was, what do we do now? We had little to no experience with children and weren’t really sure what it would take to raise children in this day and age. All we had to go on was what we watched our parents do, but we realized that the world has changed so much since we were kids 20 plus years ago and the way these children are raised may be very different from the way we were raised. We grew up in a time where parents and teachers used corporal punishment to discipline children, so we knew we had to rethink our approach to parenting. We thought the best way to do this was to connect with other fathers to share ideas and perspective and create a support system.


We realized that multiple environmental factors could have a direct effect on a man’s parenting skills, including, family structure and dynamic, finances, spirituality, and social status. Just as we were navigating this new found responsibility, we knew there were many others out there walking in our shoes too, trying to find the best way to fill them. Our target audience was fathers or father figures so we knew our mission had to be depicted in our name and thus, Fathers Among Men, Inc. was born!


We knew we had to promote more inexpensive opportunities for fathers to spend quality time with their children. Thus, our first main goal is to introduce small events such as play dates the cost less than $20 to help fathers see that they don’t have to spend large amounts of money to spend quality time or create new memories with their children. However, we also wanted to help these fathers get to a place where they are able to create more diversified experiences and are able to provide a better financial future for their children. Therefore, our second goal is to provide educational opportunities and career assistance and advisement to fathers so they are able to improve the quality of life for themselves and their children. Finally, we aim to provide resources such as information on filing for and negotiating custody agreements and counseling services to help maintain the physical, mental and emotional health of the entire family. After all, the father sets the tone for the whole family, as he goes, so shall his family go. Fathers Among Men is on a mission to see every family it comes in contact with, elevate to the next level.

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