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The core values of Fathers Among Men, Inc. are defined by the intrinsic need for father to remain a vital part of their families' lives. As an organization, we want to create opportunities for father and child to spend quality time by promoting events that cater to the nurturing of that relationship. Another aspect of what we want to accomplish is to create foundational support for fathers to be emotionally and financially stable. To help accomplish this goal, we want to partner with counseling services that best fit the needs of our fathers. Also, we want to provide both career and educational support to help fathers achieve goals that will not only benefit themselves but more importantly their families. Lastly, we believe that social learning is one of the best ways to learn without having to speak a lot. Our mentorship program is split into two categories. The first is our Father to Father program which pairs more seasoned fathers with younger fathers that may have questions or need guidance. The other is our Father to Child program which pairs father like figures to kids who may not have their fathers in their lives. 


  • Bring awareness to the importance fo the father's role in a child's life

  • Create inexpensive opportunities for fathers to spend time with their children

  • Create fundraising opportunities to support our cause

  • Continue to develop our Mentorship Programs

  • Support organizational operations and events

  • Further harness partnerships with outside organizations to provide additional resources and assistance to families served by the organization


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