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Fred's Update

This makes 30 days since the house fire... as you can see i have started cleaning the site myself.. the work continues... so I’m in a short term lease and back at work most days... Emersen is good and having fun at summer camp..i am only able to say these things because of all the out pouring of love, prayers, clothes, donations, cash app, calls, etc....without that support and love this would have been impossible to overcome.

Due to circumstances i had what they call a lender forced policy because other insurance companies wouldn’t cover my house at the time. This means they don’t cover any lose of use or personal items.....but the village I’m surrounded by has made this situation bearable...all i continue to think is I’m blessed cause i have help and their is someone dealing with this same situation and has to figure it out all alone... everything isn’t good, but i am always in a good place cause I’m blessed. this time next year someone will see me and be like he most have got a huge insurance check.. and the truth will be.. he took a tragedy and with support from friends, family, frat and coworkers he m hustled like never before and came back twice as good..oh Saturday morning I’m going to tear down some more.. all help is welcome..#idontgettextfromiphones

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